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Greetings from the Founder!

Crafting power-hitting resumes is my Shangri-La. I am sure that we have all heard the famous old Native American saying, “Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.”

The old saying about never judging people until you have walked a mile in their shoes is my philosophy because life forced me to make a career transition after working in the Merchant Marine for many years, so guiding others through career-changes is a great fountain of joy for me.

Career transitions are my specialty, and I align with professionals in every industry who are moving through all phases of their careers.

My days in the maritime industry began with a summer job on an old wooden fish tender home-ported in Kodiak, Alaska, but the adventure continued for another 17 years. My merchant marine days included working on a tug boat in Alaska, sailing for five years in the Gulf of Mexico, and crewing tug boats in Hawaii.

After leaving the Merchant Marine, I enrolled in a specialized professional writing program at San Francisco State University that was the equivalent of earning a second bachelor’s degree. Although I sharpened my writing skills at San Francisco State, I discovered that I truly love guiding others through career transitions.

After uncovering my knack for crafting resumes and guiding people through career transitions, I enrolled in the Resume Writing Academy and earned the Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) and the Academy Certified Profile Writer (ACPW) certifications, which are both the recognized gold-standard credentials in my field.

I am glad that you stopped by and learned a bit more about me and my firm; I look forward to working with you!

Hans Larson
Founder and President

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Hans Larson
Founder and President

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