Hans Larson, Founder


Crafting power-hitting resumes for people who are making career transitions is my passion. I am sure we have all heard the famous old native American saying, “Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.” The old saying about never judging a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes describes my philosophy towards my clients because life forced me to make an unwanted and painful mid-life career transition, so I am a great person to assist other mid-life career changers because I have been there myself, and I have bone-knowledge of this issue. 

Aside from providing guidance for people who are facing mid-life career transitions, I also proudly offer my services to those seeking positions in the maritime industry. I am particularly fond of drafting resumes and CVs for the maritime industry professionals because I worked in the Merchant Marine from 1999—2016. 

Admittedly, mid-life career transitions and the maritime industry are my areas of specialty, yet I also have a sweet-tooth for helping entry level professionals find their footing in the job market. I like helping entry level professionals align their compasses and embark on their professional journeys because transitioning careers in a peoples’ middle years is a lot like having their face printed on a rookie card one more time, so having understanding of what it is like to start from square zero makes me an asset for fresh-faced newbies straight out of Starfleet Academy. 


My career in the maritime business began with a summer job working on an old wooden fish tender that was home-ported out of Kodiak, Alaska, but the adventure continued for another 17 years. After finding my sea-legs on the wooden fish tender, the next stop on the crazy train consisted of working on a tug boat that delivered fuel to Eskimo villages above the Arctic Circle. After working in Alaska, I spent the next five years expanding my book of sea stories courtesy of the Gulf of Mexico’s oil patch. The last nine years of my working career were spent plying the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean working as a crewman on a tug boat that pulled cargo barges between the Hawaiian Islands. 

After leaving the Merchant Marine, I enrolled in a technical and professional writing program at San Francisco State University that is the functional equivalent of gaining a second bachelor’s degree. Although I learned a lot about professional writing during my time as a mighty San Francisco State Gator, I discovered that my true calling is applying my writing wizardry to conjuring killer resumes for cool clients–like yourself.