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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between your primary services?

If You are at the Beginning of Your Career…

Our Sunrise Partnership is fundamentally the same as our Proven Professional Partnership, except your resume will be only one page long because it is customary for professionals with less experience to submit shorter resumes.

If you are just beginning your career, then your resume is customarily limited to one page simply because you have fewer great stores to share than your more seasoned peers, but that will change soon enough.

If this is the partnership for you, then your Linkedin profile will also be a bit shorter than those crafted for professionals with more years of experience because many great achievements are still in your future.

If You are a Proven and Respected Professional…

There are many aspects to our Proven Professional Partnership, and these aspects include fashioning a two-page resume worthy of your talent that electrifies your career.

If this partnership is for you, then you have a record of awesome personal achievements to share, so a two-page resume is the established medium to demonstrate your value.

Fashioning a Linkedin profile worthy of complementing your resume demands more resources than forging documents for entry-level professionals because you have a rich trove of stories to tell and many achievements to share.

If You are an Executive Level Professional…

If you make the difficult decisions and you are a go-to person for wisdom and direction, then our Executive Level Partnership is your option.

By necessity, this partnership requires more attention to detail than our other collaborations because competition for top positions is keen.

If you are in league for pinnacle-level positions, then crafting your suite of career transition documents demands more time and energy from you and your resume specialist. This collaboration requires more time and energy because there is a large body of information that must be gathered, analyzed, prioritized, and presented.

Once we have assembled and processed your information, we apply our skills and design a cutting-edge resume that gives you a superb competitive advantage.

What kind of cover letter will I get?

You get a cover letter that is written to impeccable standards and specifically tailored to yourself alone, so no two cover letters that we create are alike. Your cover letter is as unique as you!

A proper cover letter is often the factor that determines your success because this document boosts your odds of earning an interview 10% above those who do not submit a cover letter. We understand the value of a great cover letter, so we ensure that your cover letter brings the competitive fire.

What if I want to apply to different types of jobs?

When your resume is optimized for positions within your field, then one set of documents is all you need. Our Applicant Tracking System Top Candidate Service includes a thorough examination of your resume's overall impact, so we have proof that you are well equipped to succeed with a single suite of documents.

If you wish to apply for positions within fields and industries that are radically different, then having more than one set of career transition documents may be necessary. We evaluate your need for more than one suite of documents on a case-by-case basis.

Will I get anything other than a resume, cover letter, and professionally written social media suite?

Yes, when you partner with us you receive as much advice and career coaching as you wish, and we provide as many motivational meetings as you would like free of charge. Although coaching services are an integral part of our collaborations, we are also happy to offer our career coaching services on an independent basis.

Do you offer a guarantee that I'll get a job?

Yes, we work with you until you earn a position you like!

How do I get started?

The best way to start working with us is to send a direct message our way through the Big Sur Resume Service website's contact form.

You can also get things moving by giving us a call at the contact number we have displayed on our website. If you choose to contact us by telephone, please leave a voice message that includes your name along with a suitable telephone number or email address where we can reach out to you.

How and when do I pay?

Our preferred method for handling payments is to send you an email message with a credit card invoice attached. We are also happy to accept personal checks.

If you would like to discuss less conventional payment methods, then let us know.

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