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Last updated on July 14, 2022


Each client will agree to pay the expenses arising from collections, including without limitations and incurred legal costs. In the event that a client abjures payment of any mutually agreed upon services at the time of the agreed payment, then Hans P. Larson retains the right to regard a likened failure to pay as an abrogation of any previously signed legal agreement and may forfeit that contract and/or seek legal remedy. An invoice will be sent via email or through the delivery a regular letter or parcel first, then upon payment of the invoice, Viking Resume Service will request the following documents:

• A copy of the client’s most recent resume that is printed on paper. Other suitable options for receiving a client most recent resume include obtaining a Microsoft Word File, a Google Document File, or an Adobe PDF file with the client resume contained within the medium. The provisions listed previously are contingent on the client having a resume to submit.
• Submitting a completed copay of the Client Survey Form document which is unique to Viking Resume Service is appreciated, yet not mandatory. A finished version of the Client Survey Form document should be procured on paper, in Microsoft Word File, a PDF File, or within a Google Docs format.


A usual business partnership between Big Sur Resume Service and a client will finish upon completion of rendered services.

• Once an invoice has been paid and all of the requested supporting documents have
been received, then Viking Resume Service will strive to fulfill its obligation to provide a working first draft of a client resume within two weeks of the first business day following the official project starting date. Two weeks is a target time frame for furnishing a first draft for a contracted document; however, meeting this time target is contingent on the client furnishing follow-up information in a timely manner as well.
• The two-week deadline for Viking Resume Service to submit a first draft of a mutually agreed upon document will begin on the first business day following the official start date of a project.
• A two-week target for delivering a first draft of a client document will be strived for; however, if additional requests for information are sent to a client and not responded to in a timely fashion, then the two-week time frame for delivering a working first draft will be extended as far as deemed necessary.
• Unlimited revisions of a given document are part of a service package up unit three months have passed following a project official starting date.


• Big Sur Resume service will award a client a 100% refund should no first draft of a resume or other documents be provided with a two-week window of time that begins on the first business day following the official project start date, but only if the client provides the requested follow-up information within two-day time frames. Should a full refund be agreed upon by both parties, payment will be delivered as soon as possible by whatever means are mutually agreed upon between the client and Big Sur Resume Service.


• Big Sur Resume service will not, nor cannot guarantee that a client will gain an interview or get hired by a particular employer. Viking Resume Service can guarantee to make a client resume and or LinkedIn profile more competitive and presentable, yet Viking Resume Service cannot promise any specific results from a given employer.


• Big Sur Resume Service will not knowingly place false or misleading information within a client resume document or LinkedIn profile.
• Big Sur Resume service will treat all information provided by clients as being correct and submitted with good faith unless led to believe otherwise. Procuring documents that contain estimates and educated guesses is standard practice for professional resume writers; however, Viking Resume Service refuses to knowingly publish information that is completely inaccurate or intentionally misleading.
• Big Sur Resume Service does not legally research information that clients furnish unless officially paid to do so upon request from a client of an approved third-party entity.


Any copyrightable works, ideas, discoveries, inventions, patents, products, or other information, which is known as “Work Product” that has been created in totality or in part by the Provider as it pertains to the “Services” of Viking Resume Service is regarded as the sole dominion or the Provider. Upon request, Viking Resume Service will procure every document that is deemed necessary to verify and link the exclusive ownership of the Provider to any contracted documents produced by Big Sur resume service which may include a Resume, a LinkedIn profile, or a Cover Letter.


The “Provider” who is also known as the Client agrees to indemnify and hold the Recipient namely, Big Sur Resume Service, harmless from all legal claims, accrued losses, encountered costs, and arising expenses including legal fees, court costs, and judgments leveled against the Recipient which may arise from the actions or inactions of the Provider and/or the Provider’s employees, agents, or representatives.


The unexpected arrival of any of the following situations will result in a material abjuring under this stated Contract:
The inability to fulfill a mandatory invoice request for payment.
The bankruptcy of either group.
Either party’s property being levied, seized, for falling under the general assignment of creditors affiliated with governmental bodies and agencies. A failure to deliver the requested Services on the part of either party in the time and framework provided within a signed Contract.


In addition to any and all other rights a party may have available according to law, if a party defaults by failing to substantially perform any provision, term, or condition of a Business Contract (including without limitation the failure to make a monetary payment when due), the other party may terminate the Contract by providing written notice to the defaulting party. This notice will describe with sufficient detail the nature of the default.

The party receiving such notice will be expected to give immediate notice of default within 0 days from the date of said notice to rectify the default(s). Unless agreed up on a written format by the group(s) furnishing notification, the failure to correct any default(s) within the agreed upon time will lead to an automatic voiding of this Contract.


If performance of a signed contract or any duty within a signed contract is halted, impinged, or abrupted by forces outside of either party’s reasonable possibility of remedy, otherwise known as a (“Force Majeure”), then the party which is unable to fulfill its duties will furnish the other party with a timely written explanation of this event, wherein the duties of the party in question for will be terminated or delayed to the degree deemed congruent for such an event.

The term Force Majeure includes acts of God such as fires, explosions, vandalism, floods, or similar events. Force Majeure events also include military actions and civil authority initiatives with budgets accounting for more than 500,000 USD, along with declared national emergencies, coups, riots, acts of war, labor strikes, or large-scale supply chain failures. The excused party will apply solemn measures under the circumstances to avoid any causes for not fulfilling contractual obligation and will work diligently to fulfill contractual obligations when the reasons for work stoppage are rectified.


All involved parties will strive to end disputes that arise through negotiations conducted in a civil manner; however, if such a dispute is not solved through out-of-court agreements within 30 days, then both parties will address the dispute by utilizing an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure.

All disputes that may arise from this Agreement shall be arbitrated under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association. In such a dispute, an arbiter affiliated with the American Arbitration Association will issue a judgement that will solemnize and conclude the matter and this finalized judgment may be entered into it by any court of law with the proper legal authority.


A contract signed with Big Sur Resume Service will encapsulate the entire agreement for all parties involved, and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement, regardless of its format or medium, that will alter control of the matters which are outlined in a signed contract. A signed contract document with Big Sur Resume Service also overrides any earlier written or verbal agreements made between the persons in question.


If any portion of a signed contract is deemed invalid or beyond either party’s ability to enforce, then whatever clauses which remain will still be considered in effect and still regarded as enforceable. If a court of law determines that any part of a signed contract with Viking Resume Service is illegitimate or unenforceable, and if a court of law also rules that limiting that provision would them make the contract unenforceable, then such a stipulation shall be determined to be written, interpreted, and enforced as a limited clause.


A contract that governs business dealings may be altered in writing by the mutual consent of both parties, provided the alterations in question have been signed and legally verified by both parties.


A signed business contract will be recognized in accordance with the legal system that governs the State of California.


Any notice or communication that is required or permitted within the confines of a signed contract will be delivered in person, through certified mail, or by email if a return receipt be desired. A desired return receipt will be stated in the opening paragraph of any notice of communication.


The failure of either party to enforce any portion of a signed contract will not be regarded as a waiver or limitation for that party’s right to enforce all portions of a signed business contract.


In the event of any possible future legal action taken by either party that pertains to the validity of a signed contract, the winning party will be compensated with reasonable attorney’s fees along with court administrative expenses that pertain to a trial or appeal.


Any ruling that demands construction or translation against the drafter is waived. Any signed business document with Viking Resume Service will treated as though it were drafted by both parties within a mutual agreement.


Neither party may re-assign or transfer the work that is stipulated within a written contract without obtaining previous written consent from the other party for which approval will not be prevented.

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