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All of our services have a guarantee of success which means that we work with you until you are hired. Our services also encompass formal Applicant Tracking System (ATS) reports.

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Sunrise Partnership

Proven Professional Partnership

Executive Partnership

Winning LinkedIn Profiles

Sunrise Partnership - $1200 $797*

*Available in 1 payment at the Fall Sale price, or in 2 monthly payments of $600

If you have five years of experience or less within your professional field, then this partnership is your route of choice.

American Presidents and celebrity CEOs, such as General Electric's legendary chief executive Jack Welch, were once entry-level professionals like yourself, so the greatest people are all entry-level at some point in their careers.

We love working with people at all phases of their professional journeys, so we give you impeccable customer service and go the extra mile.

An effective portfolio of career transition documents opens new and wonderful possibilities, so we look forward to collaborating with you and raising your career to new and amazing levels.

What We Do:

  • Emphasize your milestone achievements
  • Establish your value with measurable metrics
  • Document and spotlight your key projects
  • Sculpt a refined yet compelling social media presence

This partnership includes unlimited telephone and email support, plus we work together until you are 100% satisfied.

We also perform an in-depth Applicant Tracking System/ATS analysis of your resume that encompasses a full set of ATS reports which objectively quantify your resume's competitive pull.


  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Profile

Proven Professional Partnership - $2,400 $1,497*

*Available in 1 payment at the Fall Sale price, or in 3 monthly payments of $800

If you are a proven mover and shaker in your field who gets things done, then this partnership is your choice.

Over the course of this partnership, we forge a set of career transition documents that are custom-made for you from start to finish and elevate you above the competition.

When our work is finished, you have an outstanding resume and cover letter, plus you have a social media presence that truly illustrates who you are and proves your value.

This collaboration equips you with a set of documents that catapult you to the top of any hiring manager's short list and deliver a sound return on your investment.

How it Happens:

  • Highlight the wins that distinguish you
  • Craft an electrifying, compelling, and unique social media brand
  • Spotlight your talents, abilities, and gifts
  • Author a grabbing story that showcases the most inspiring aspects of your career, then share your story with the world

This partnership fashions an industry-leading resume and a competitive set of supporting documents with unlimited consulting support during the process. We also perform as many revision cycles as you need until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

This partnership includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) optimization campaign which encompasses sets of formal ATS reports.


  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Profile

Executive Partnership - $3,600 $2,497

*Available in 1 payment at the Fall Sale price, or in 3 monthly payments of $1,200

If you are a trailblazer who leads from the front and makes key decisions, then this is the path for you.

This service package resoundingly positions you as the logical choice for any professional partnership that sparks your interest. Competition for positions at your level is a notch above the rest, yet we rise to the occasion and deliver winning results.

Designing an executive-level resume that positions you at the top requires work and dedication from everyone involved, yet we love the challenge and we get the job done.

What You Get:

  • An online portfolio that mindfully shares your achievements with the world
  • A resume that asserts your value by referencing your significant projects and key wins
  • A suite of documents which prove that you expand business, cultivate valuable partnerships, and slash expenses

Our executive-level career transition documents are engineered to more exacting standards than our other documents, so a higher level of attention to detail is needed during this partnership.

This strategic initiative encompasses as many telephone consultations as you need, plus you receive an unlimited number of document revisions that continue until you secure a position of your choice.

This partnership includes a comprehensive executive-level Applicant Tracking System analysis plus an unsurpassed optimization campaign that verifies your resume's true impact.


  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Profile

Additional Services

ATS Top Candidate Service

At this time, almost every company or organization around the world uses some type of Applicant Tracking System to screen incoming resumes and cover letters.

ATS programs vary in their expense and complexity, yet they are all fundamentally computer applications that sort resumes and cover letters by identifying key words and phrases selected by hiring managers.

Applicant Tracking Systems identify relevant words and phrases embedded in the resumes and cover letters they scan, then they calculate formal matching percentages for every set of documents they review.

Hiring managers adjust applicant tracking systems to discard resumes with low compatibility percentages to varying and unknown degrees; therefore, we strive to ensure that your resume earns an 80% or higher compatibility match for every position you choose.

We aim to capture an 80% or higher compatibility score for your resume when it is tested against the job listings that spark your interest because resumes with 80% or higher matching percentages almost always pass ATS scans.

We start your ATS Top Candidate Service by asking you to identify six job listings which grab your attention, then we optimize your resume to match the positions you choose.

When your ATS Top Match Candidate Service is concluded, you have measurable and objective proof that your resume is effective.

A well-designed resume with impeccable ATS optimization is a sound investment because it creates an amazing first impression with virtually every hiring manager.

Premium Cover Letters

When you collaborate with us, your resume is written to the highest standards and your cover letter is crafted to the same exacting guidelines. If a single type of career transition document were named as the most crucial, then that document would be your resume, yet presenting an equally effective cover letter gives you a crucial advantage.

Admittedly, not every decision-maker who views your resume also reads your cover letter; none the less, Applicant Tracking Systems often scan cover letters along with resumes, so a winning cover letter boosts your odds of securing an interview 10%.

Boosting your chances of earning an interview 10% may not seem like much, but when the competition is keen you need a competitive edge.

Designing a worthy cover letter is typically included in your partnership, yet we are delighted to create cover letters as independent projects.

Career Coaching

Top professional golfers, such as Tiger Woods, work with renown coaches to keep their skills razor-sharp, and top surgeons enroll in elite peer-coaching programs that lift their skills to a new levels, so everyone benefits from good coaching.

High-octane career coaching gets results, so we encourage you to contact us and schedule a career coaching consultation.

For a limited time only... Social media development is included in your collaboration.

Do you really need a winning social media presence?

Yes, for sure!

Having a great social media presence is a must no matter what professional field you are in and no matter where you are along your career journey.

When you navigate a career transition, a keen and mindful social media presence is a crucial asset because a well-designed social media portfolio creates impressive and positive outcomes.

A power-hitting social media portfolio opens new doors because key decision-makers observe your social media presence and use it as a character reference. A great social media profile also raises your standing with business partners and peers.

We understand the potential contained in a good social media portfolio, so we craft social media suites that artfully capture your personality, truthfully define what you stand for, and skillfully showcase your achievements.

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