#1. Resumes:

  • Competitive Edge Resume Package $ 250

    This package is for people who want to turbo-charge their resume and gain the best possible advantage over the competition. 

    Those who pay for this service get an ATS search and formatting software check on top of just having a new resume written. In case you were wondering, the term “ATS” stands for Applicant Tracking System. These days, most human resources departments sort incoming resumes that are submitted by job applicants with computer programs called Applicant Tracking Systems. 

    The ATS software applications that are so commonly used at this time are typically designed to discard any resume that is not determined to be a good enough match for a given job listing. The exact factors that an applicant tracking system is seeking to isolate for incoming resumes varies because hiring managers enter different criteria for different job listings; however, the keywords listed in a posting for an available job provide a good reference point for how an ATS system’s filtering criteria is likely to be configured for a given job posting.

    When a person chooses this package, their resume is first written, then it is checked against a software program that scans for repetitive and tired phrases along with weak verbs and grammar errors. The next phase in the ATS checking process is to have a completed resume checked against job postings that they have been furnished by the client. In this phase, a resume that has already been polished by the writing checker is then compared to actual job listings and a compatibility percentage is determined. The sweet spot for a job compatibility percentage is to have a resume that matches every one of a client’s 4-6 job listings of interest with a 79% to 92% match. If a resume matches too closely to a job description, then this state of affairs tends to make a hiring manager suspicious because it is totally possible for a resume writer to tweak a resume to match a job description at 100%.

  • Executive Package $ 500

    This package involves the same steps as the Competitive Edge service; except, writing a resume for an executive position, such as that of a vice president, other C-level executive, or high-level professional job of any type requires another level of attention to details and another level of care on the part of a resume writer.

#2. LinkedIn Profiles:

  • This service is $200 all around.

    It pays to have a solid LinkedIn profile these days because after an employer views a favorable applicant’s resume their next move is to view that applicant’s LinkedIn profile, so it pays to make a good presentation on a LinkedIn profile on top of having a good resume. 

    A LinkedIn profile is not a resume, so just cutting and pasting resume text into a LinkedIn profile is not a good way to use this medium. In contrast to a resume, a LinkedIn profile is meant to tell a story and present a person in a professional yet more detailed and colorful manner. Unlike a resume, a person can add a bit of personal information to their LinkedIn profile and even use a bit of humor here and there can be used to great effect.

    I have experience writing LinkedIn profiles, and it pays to have a professional such as myself develop a client’s presence on this network. I also check LinkedIn profiles against special software, so you are getting a complete package here

#3. Cover Letters:

  • This service costs a flat $60.

    Having a cover letter is nice, but not absolutely necessary. Truth is, some prospective employers view the cover letters of applicants, but many do not. All in all, having a good cover letter attached to a resume will boost an applicants chances of gaining an interview by about 10%. So, having a cover letter attached to a resume will give a person a 10% edge over an applicant who did not submit a cover letter; therefore, in my humble opine is pays to spend the money and have a good cover letter written to accompany your shiny new resume.