Professional Resume Writing and Career Coaching in Salinas

The Salinas Valley is only a 20-minute drive from the Monterey Peninsula whether you choose to take the Marina route via Reservation Road of if you choose to shoot across the vegetable fields on Highway 68. In light of its close proximity, Salinas is just as much the home base for our company as Monterey, and for this reason Big Sur Resume service loves to partner with local clients who live in Salinas. 

Salinas is America’s salad bowl and the site for each year’s California Rodeo, plus Salinas is John Steinbeck’s hometown, so there is a lot of local heritage to celebrate for Salinas!

🥬 Professionally designed resumes for the Salinas Valley.

🥦 ATS Compliant resumes for Salinas. (Applicant Tracking System ATS)

🥕 Strategically planned resumes for Salinas. 

🍅 Professional employment coaching services for Salinas. 

Big Sur Resume Service looks forward to delivering the best professionally written resumes to the good citizens of Salinas!